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Dear Danny

Dear Danny

On the Fringes of Boxing

Director: Daniel Fazio

Producer: Joshua Brown


(Currently in Production)

“Dear Danny” is a documentary that charts the journey of trans man Danny Baker to become the first ever transgender boxer in the UK to make it as a professional.

Danny has overcome a difficult childhood that led to a life of crime, with his early adult years shaped by several stints in women’s prison. Transitioning and finding boxing has given Danny a sense of purpose, identity and community.

As the world of boxing opens up a new competing category for trans fighters, will Danny have what it takes to go pro, and what would it mean for trans youth watching on?

Danny is an infectiously charismatic character who shatters every stereotype about what a trans person represents, immersed in a milieu where one would least expect to find a member of the LBGT community.

The support characters who make up Danny's world bring with them an authenticity and down to earth sense of humour able to engage traditionally hesitant audiences with a topic, subculture and section of society that is, still too often, pushed to the fringe.

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