Joachim Trier

We are hoping ‘The Worst Person in the World’ takes home its two Academy Award nominations for Best Original Screenplay and Best International Feature Film!

Joachim Trier’s unconventional love story thoughtfully embraces the traits of an indecisive, impulsive yet endearing character played by Renate Reinsve. Above all, this is a film about self discovery, impermanence and unapologetic humanness.

Trier voices how we can only truly learn about ourselves through the perspectives and deeds of those we love. This proves difficult when love itself is continuously threatened by the pressures of indifference, distraction and time. In turn, we are led to deviate from our supposed set paths and what we think we want from ourselves and others.

Reinsve’s performance is impeccable. She exists as a vessel for these charged ideas and achieves it with humility and spirit. She is both observer and performer, and we follow her journey in a similar way. We are led from the soft, immersive hilarity of her spontaneity through to the harshest corners of her confrontation with acceptance and loss.

This is a narrative of multiple forms. It emphasises the scale and lasting effects of our decision making, yet grounds us in expressing that, fundamentally, we have a minor part to play.