Pedro Almodóvar

We are huge Almodóvar fans here at Loft and 'Parallel Mothers' does not disappoint!

Almodóvar delivers a bold insight into pairings, parallels and opposites in this charming narrative starring Penélope Cruz and Milena Smit.
'Parallel Mothers' displays the disorder that arises through significant events conflicting, aligning and interlacing. It masterfully shines a light on how such interactions interrupt personal progression and have a long-lasting influence on the development of a character or community.
Almodóvar adventurously weaves together his thoughts surrounding motherhood, femininity, lust and uncovered truth. He explores a distinct light-heartedness that runs parallel to the burdensome weight of life and death. ‘Parallel Mothers’ encourages us to uncover truths from both our distant and immediate history to unpick who we really are.