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A Rush of Blood

A Rush of Blood

Writer / Director: Tristan Shepherd

Producer: Daniel Fazio

Exec Producer: Sheryl Crown

Canadian Co-Producer: Sidney Chiu

Development Executive: Mike Shilliam

Associate Producer: Henry Hereford

Casting Director (Canada): Stephanie Gorin

Casting Director (UK): Ava Jade Morgan

Post-Production: LipSync



Northern Canadian filmmakers, Brian and Carly,

strike gold when their film is accepted into The

Sundance Film Festival, the US film industry’s most

prestigious event. It could be the last shot at the

big time for this middle-aged married couple, so

when a snowstorm grounds all flights two days

before the film's premiere, they decide to risk the

two day drive, through perilous weather conditions,

to the festival. Things take an unexpected turn

when their car breaks down and they are forced to

hitch-hike the rest of the way with ambitious Gen-

Z” aspiring journalist , Reegan, who is determined

to secure fame, at all costs, for herself and her

new friends. With tensions constantly rising, the

closer they get to their destination, how far are

each of them willing to go to achieve their dreams

and will there be bloodshed?

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