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Bochy and Les Bleus

Bochy and Les Bleus

Format: 1 x 90 mins

Talent: Bruce Bochy, French National Baseball Team

Partners: MLB, FFBS

Director: Scott Stevenson

Executive Producer: Caroline Waterlow

Producers: Daniel Fazio, Joshua Brown



Loft Films is currently in post-production on "Bochy & Les Bleus," a sports documentary chronicling the journey of the French national baseball team under the tutelage of legendary coach Bruce Bochy.

Helmed by veteran editor turned director Scott Stevenson (La Haine, The Staircase) and supported by Oscar Winning EP Caroline Waterlow (Oj, Made in America) in collaboration with Major League Baseball, the film is an underdog story “par excellence”!

What unfolds when American baseball icon and three-time World Series champion Bruce Bochy is tasked with leading a motley crew of players representing France, a nation where baseball has historically taken a backseat to say the least. Can Bochy’s golden touch transform France's national team into formidable contenders for the World Baseball Classics?


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